Bonjour! My name is Sara from Texas and I am a nomad.

I believe great food is always within reach. I don’t like fancy expensive ingredients, tools that only have one use (cherry pitter, I’m talking to YOU) or rules like “don’t eat raw cookie dough”. I do like using good ingredients that are in season and easy to get. If a recipe happens to be gluten free or vegan (as it can be from time to time by pure accident), then I’ll let you know. But generally, I’m an equal opportunity cooker, whether it be animal, vegetable or butter.

Most of the recipes you’ll find here are my own creations, but on occasion, I like to share the goodies of others (properly credited, of course). I do my best to find the easiest path from ingredients to getting a meal on the table, without all the hub bub. A lot of the food and drink you’ll find here is what we eat at home, including some series regulars like these marinated peppers and these chicken fat potatoes and this almond tart.

I don’t come from a family of cooks. No recipes were passed down to me. I’m starting from scratch. My inspiration comes from the people I meet and the places I visit.

the details

I was born and raised in Irving, Texas, a stone’s throw from the home of the Dallas Cowboys. Yet, I can’t stand American football. GASP.

When I left Texas in 2006, I began my nomadic life. I’ve lived in New York City, Amsterdam, Southern California, Florida, Budapest and now reside in beautiful Croatia. I’ve been to 21 24 countries so far, which is totally not enough.

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a photojournalist so I went to school. Then, I wanted to be a pastry chef, so I went to school again.

I have worked in some of the best restaurants in New York and Amsterdam. I’d tell you which ones but then your computer would self-destruct.

My extensive knowledge of foreign languages includes broken Dutch, slurred French, five words of Spanish, a handful of Italian exclamations and decent chunk of Hrvatski. But at least I try.

the cooking

My favorite recipe is beet and goat cheese cheesecake. Everybody else thinks it’s cilantro ice cream.

I can’t live without these kitchen tools: my microplane, Wustof serrated knife, a big wooden spoon and a whisk.

My favorite thing to make is puff pastry. My favorite thing to eat is, well, EVERYTHING. But seriously folks, it’s a pretty long list. We could be here all day.

I’m completely mad about condiments which include, but are not limited to: extra virgin olive oil, mustard (spicy, grainy, dijon-ish), sour cream, yogurt, caramel (yes, it is a condiment as far as I’m concerned), hot fudge, chili sauce of every possible variety, jalapenos, pickles (Korean, Japanese, Israeli and dill), soy sauce, fish sauce, salsa, tahini, hot sauce, chutney, and malt vinegar, to name a few.

the goods

There is plenty to explore here on, including the ever growing recipe index.

For more distraction, check out the Facebook page. Here you’ll find step-by-step photos of the recipes from the blog, a chronicle of what I’m eating and drinking on a regular basis, stuff I find interesting and the occasional wisecrack. If you are more of the steady-stream-of-consciousness type person, head over to twitter for a semi-constant barrage of food-related pornography, food geekiness and general hilarity. For visual stimulation, visit me over on Pinterest.

Stay tuned by RSS or by requesting to have each delicious recipe hand-delivered by friendly internet robots to your personal inbox every week. Now, if I could just figure out a way for them to deliver me some wine.

For a more direct assault, you can always reach me at sara [at] nomadwithcookies [dot] com.