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Over the past couple years, my friends have lobbied like a tobacco PAC to get me to move to Austin, the capitol of Texas. They casually slip into conversation nuggets like “Austin is your kind of town” or “I could really see you there”. Then, knowing my weaknesses, they would try to lure me with vivid tales of authentic tacos. Rinse and repeat.

Having not been to Austin since I was 7, it was easy to shake off their bribes. I had formed no attachment. But with all the hoopla about Austin, I decided to give it a weekend to show me its stuff. And this is what I found…

Austin has jumped into the food truck phenomenon head first. The city is saturated with mobile cuisine of all types and flavors. There are several “trailer parks” where food trucks congregate in one lot, giving hungry Austinites the ability to mix and match to create their unique and eclectic meal.

One such park is located on South Congress. Even on such a drizzly day, there were still 6 trucks alive and ready to hock their goodies. One sold only cupcakes, one sold only fried foods, another only sold food that came in a cone shape. Seriously. But the word was that Coat & Thai (awesome name) serves up authentic Thai including some pretty killer Green Curry.

We grabbed some deliciously neon Thai iced tea and sat at green picnic tables to munch on Green Curry. Big chunks of zucchini, chicken, green beans, bamboo, and bell pepper were drowning in a freshly-made spicy curry and coconut milk sauce. The fact that I was able to recognize the vegetables I was eating was refreshing, given that is such a rarity these days. But then I found it to be tasty…very tasty.

With my mouth on fire, ice cream was the next order of business. We waddled (daintily) a couple blocks down Congress til we found Amy’s Ice Creams. Amy’s makes homemade ice creams in flavors that change daily. The blackboard covered in that day’s flavors dominates the blue brick building, pulling you in as you pass. Kahlua? Yes, give it to me. NOW.

The Kahlua was a punch to the head. If I had a gallon of it, there would be serious repercussions for my motor skills. I’ve heard rumblings they’ve made an ice cream flavored with Shiner Bock.

I can now die a happy woman.

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