“Brood” in Dutch means bread, hence the natural progression to “broodje”, which means “sandwich”. There is truly a smorgasbord of different kinds of broodje and places that specialize in them. It doesn’t sound too much different than in the US, I’ll admit. But I’m curious if broodje, is not just a sandwich, but any bread that has stuff on it.

For example, I went into a bakery to grab some lunch and they had this big basket that said, of course, “Broodje”. The basket was filled with all kinds of different items, none individually labeled, none looking like sandwiches, so I just took a leap at something that looked good. It was a fluffy focaccia-like bread, with a tomato sauce, onions, zucchini, peppers, and swiss cheese melted on top. Well it certainly wasn’t a sandwich.

For dessert, I got this Danish. And it tastes exactly like pecan pie rolled up in a flaky crust with um, caramelized, pecans on the outside. Maybe this is a broodje too? I don’t know, but they are all delicious so far. I guess that is all that matters.

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  1. Laat een reactie achter— assuming that means, slightly intoxicated one, type here:good thing you posted something new. was about to give you some crap. but really its just 5am, so what really counts? (yea, just got back from brooklyn..ahhhhh)

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