nomad with cookies in wallpaper magazine

Wallpaper Magazine - Nomad with Cookies

Super hella over-the-moon to announce that my Beet and Goat Cheese Cheesecake recipe was photographed and featured in the April 2015 print issue of Wallpaper Magazine. Check it out below (it’s the one in the middle). Didn’t the Wallpaper folks do a lovely job of plating it? Want to make this cheesecake at home? Get […]

the importance of being messy

Late last night (or early this morning), I got to thinking obsessing about explosions after a routine immersion blending went awry. A geyser of gingery-spicy-garlicky wet masala intended for a molten beef vindaloo launched into the air before gravity shot it down the front of my skirt just beyond apron's reach…and all over the wall…and across my once […]

happy new year, gentle snowflakes

Soon, in your respective part of the world, the sun will set on 2012. Many of you will spend today lamenting the past year; what was good, what was spectacular and what went horribly wrong. The best life is one that contains a smattering of all of the above, even the horribly wrong. This is […]

my favorite cheese

I am a total whore for cheese. All kinds. As much as I can get. Yellow, white, moldy, creamy, hard, smoked, grassy, old, young. There is no discrimination. But there is one cheese that consistently makes my eye wander. A cheese so addictive that once my supply was cut off, intense therapy was needed. I […]