my favorite cheese

I am a total whore for cheese. All kinds. As much as I can get. Yellow, white, moldy, creamy, hard, smoked, grassy, old, young. There is no discrimination. But there is one cheese that consistently makes my eye wander. A cheese so addictive that once my supply was cut off, intense therapy was needed. I […]

the wedding feast

I have survived a hurricane…but just barely. Every inch of my body hurts, my nerves are shot and I have completely lost my voice. I’m still trying to digest where I am. A week ago, we left our little beach hamlet in Orange County, and are now halfway across the world. Still not sure how […]

what i learned in 2010

Sara from Texas in Eastern Tennessee

I don’t do well with ‘danger’. I couldn’t be a fireman, a cop, or a construction worker. These jobs leave little room for error, due to the potentially life-threatening consequences. That won’t work for me, I need to make mistakes. Cooking provides that perfect opportunity for trial and error without the fear of falling off […]