bacon turnovers and football

Bacon Turnovers aka Latvian Spekis Piragi Recipe

This recipe had me at bacon. The past few weeks, the interwebz have been flooded with recipes that are “perfect for the Super Bowl”. But it’s still the same old wings and dip, year after year. Come on world. INSPIRE ME. Then I stumbled on a recipe for Spekis Piragi, a buttery Latvian turnover filled […]

f*** up bread

I have the worst luck with bread. It’s quite unfortunate because despite my love (weakness) of devouring a beautiful loaf, I never fail to screw it up. Sometimes the salt is forgotten. Or the dough doesn’t rise. Or instead of adding only 2 tablespoons of water, 2 cups of water get dumped in with reckless abandonment. […]

honey thyme biscuits

Honey Glazed Thyme Biscuits Recipe

There are two things for me that are synonymous with Sunday: breakfast and dread. Every Saturday night, we both feel it creeping on us. Subtle at first then head on. The dread that we are about to start another week. Not that we are at all displeased with the weekday content of our lives, it […]