emily’s carbonara

emma's carbonara recipe | nomad with cookies

It’s time to tell you about my friend Emily.

I met Emily the summer before 8th grade. I didn’t like her on sight. In fact, the word “nemesis” was tossed around.

I’m going to be upfront with you and admit there was no acceptable reason for my staunch disapproval. She WAS from Houston. If that weren’t enough of a reason, she was friends with OUR friend. Well, that just wasn’t okay. He was OUR friend, and how could our clique possibly allow him to be friends with another person. We’d already met our quota. Pfft.


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adjarian khachapuri (georgian cheese bread)

Georgian cheese bread (Adjarian Khachapuri) recipe

January is the most ominous month of the year.

It begins with the hopeful pledge that this is the year you’ll change your evil ways and become the person you’ve woefully neglected to morph into up to this point in your life. You’re going to go to the gym every morning at 5am, cut carbs, stop swearing, start eating bran, quit drinking, stop biting your nails and twirling your hair, quit smoking and spend more time with your friends.

But, by the end of January you are so stressed from treadmill-ing instead of sleeping and because you haven’t had a…

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chicken and feta flautas

This was not planned.

What I really wanted was tacos. Pulled chicken tacos with soft corn tortillas and fresh pico de gallo. Maybe with some spicy and tart tomatillo salsa and big dollops of sour cream. Loaded with queso fresco, or perhaps some monterey jack. And pickled jalapenos. Definitely can’t forget the jalapenos. Topped off with lots of freshly chopped cilantro. 

Heaven, I’m in heaven. And my hearts beats so that I can hardly speeeeeeeak!

Well none of that happened. As you know, I just moved to Croatia, a little seaside republic east of Italy, west of Bosnia, south of…

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roasted baby artichokes with lemon brown butter and parmesan

Baby artichokes | Nomad with Cookies

You are going to thank me for this.

Like, show up at my doorstep unannounced with presents, thank me.

Not to toot my own horn, but this these artichokes are truly one of the best dishes I’ve ever made. They are that good.

Indulge me.

First, we start with little baby artichokes. Trim them down until the tenderest leaves are exposed.

Then, we make lemon brown butter. Oh yes, you heard me right. As the beautifully fragrant butter was bubbling away, it took all the willpower within me not to rub it all over my body like lotion.

Each tender…

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