my favorite texas salsa

Spicy Texas Salsa

In June, I got stuck in a Texas supermarket. On the condiment aisle, to be exact. My feet were glued to the floor, eyes fixed on the salsa wall. My eyes grew large and glassy at the sight of endless salsa and other hot saucery consuming almost the entire length of the supermarket aisle. Jars of every […]

triple chile barbecue sauce

On Sunday, I officially enter my 30s. Society tells me this is the time for self deprecation, misery, inadequacy, crow's feet and regret. That's not going to work for me.  I have no interest in nibbling a sliver of birthday cake because of where it may end up on my body. I'm not going to […]

how to make brown butter

Everyone, chef or not, is capable of bumbling the simplest of cooking tasks. I can personally attest to screwing the pooch many times due to distraction, being too lazy to read the instructions or just plain carelessness. There is nothing more frustrating that spending effort and money on something that could have gone in my […]