brown butter hot fudge

Forgive me foodies, for I have sinned. Sometime between the ages of 12 and 28, I lost my way, completely forgetting about the existence of hot fudge. My parents practically used hot fudge brownie sundaes as currency for good behavior from ages 6 to 10. How could this have happened? Life. Diet. Pie. Who knows. Regardless, atonement […]

red onion marmalade

There are some people who say a watched pot never boils. I find that to be a sack of garbage. To me, watching food cook is the best part. There is just so much excitement. Everything starts off slow, dormant even. Then a bead of juice pops here, garlic starts to sizzle, sauce begins to […]


It was only meant to be a marinade for carne asada one weekend when we made tacos. I had tasted chimichurri here and there, but have never made it at home so we gave it a try. Then it became a condiment…for everything. Significant Other started requesting it every week. It had turned into not […]