fresh strawberry tapioca pudding

Tapioca pudding is an attractive dessert. Just look at it. Voluptuous little pearls of tapioca. Creamy pudding. Specks of vanilla bean. Juicy macerated strawberries ooze south filling every open crevice.  It is downright lascivious. Slap me with a felony, if you must, but I just cannot stop oggling…or eating…or spoon licking.  This is a dessert made for the […]

poached pear hand pies

I am extremely fond of crusts. The char on a perfectly grilled steak. The edges of a meatloaf. The perimeter of a wood-fired pizza. The crunchy topping on bubbly mac and cheese. Stripping a quiche of its casing is not out of the question. And let us not forget the crust of a hot Parisienne […]