cucumber mojitos

Cucumber, mint and lime for mojitos | Nomad with Cookies

Damn, it is HOT. Like, blazing hellfire hot. Ghost chile hot. Fry an egg on the sidewalk hot. Ryan Gosling hot, even. Living in Southern California for the past three years shielded me from experiencing any kind of normal seasonal change. No matter how oppressively hot it was in Dallas, no matter how many inches […]

strawberry lemonade

I have a flaw. Well, actually, I have many flaws, but for now let’s just talk about one. Impatience. It’s true. Part of me does recognize that sometimes waiting is required, especially for the great stuff. But recognizing and practicing are two different entirely things. My tongue has suffered the consequences of molten chocolate when […]

simply rich hot chocolate

Winter is synonymous with doing everything you are not supposed to do the rest of the year. We fill our bellies with deliciously rich food, drink too much, oversleep, walk around in blankets instead of dressing ourselves and generally laze about because it’s just too damn cold to do anything else. Much of us hit […]

glorious glühwein

The holidays are for ‘family-time’ along with gluttonous eating and accepted excessive drinking; the latter helping us get through the former. Besides making passive-aggressive family discussion humorous, booze wards off the evil cold that chills me to the bone this time of year. I don’t particularly care for any temperature below 50 degrees, so my […]