plum and grape crumble tart

This past week, the mother-in-law landed. Since her arrival, there has been a tremendous amount of food on the counter, in the fridge and at the table. Borscht, chocolate cake, grilled fish, pita, quiche, falafel, zucchini casserole, mamaliga (aka polenta), banana bread, fritters, and an absurd amount of produce, which all lead to the never ending story of fridge […]

chocolate cherry turnovers

I love cherries. Not cherry-flavored candy. Definitely not cherry cordials. Absolutely no neon and nearly radioactive cherry pie filling. Not mystery cherry ham glaze. Just cherries.¬†Sweet or tart. Black, red or rainier. They are perfectly wonderful all by themselves, needing no supplement. In the early days of summer, cherries start popping up at farmers markets […]

italian apple cake

When I grow up I want to be an Italian grandmother. Short, a little stout, apron permanently affixed. My days will be filled with putzing around in the kitchen making an obscene number of delicious goodies for family and friends while mumbling in incoherent Italian. And naturally, this will all take place in a beautiful […]