new orleans: episode two

Downtown New Orleans is a flat out loud place. Music almost continuously emanates from clubs and bars. People in the midst of celebration crowd the streets. Enjoyment always seems to be going full force here. The ongoing excitement and distraction is why many people to come here for Mardi Gras, music festivals or just a […]

new orleans: episode one

I was truly overwhelmed by New Orleans—by the people, the energy and, of course, the food. It would take 4 lifetimes to experience everything this gastronomic center has to offer. This was especially evident when I asked fellow food extraordinaire and former New Orleans resident The Vicarious Food Whore for a couple dining recommendations. She […]

good ol’ new orleans

The first and last time I visited New Orleans was in 2005 just 2 months after Hurricane Katrina eviscerated the city. It was a ghost town. At that moment in time, exploring this pedestrian-friendly city by foot was simply out of the question. So instead, my parents, whom have been to New Orleans no less […]