asparagus, edamame and mint salad

Asparagus, Edamame and Mint Salad Recipe

Spring has sprung, or whatever. Apparently nobody told Florida. Always the thorn in America’s side, Florida made the executive decision to fast track summer. It’s already stifling, muggy and five kinds of uncomfortable. I’m convinced the mosquito union paid somebody off. Frankly, I’m not ready for summer yet. My freezer isn’t filled with popsicles. The […]

favas and pecorino

Fava and pecorino salad | Nomad with Cookies

Patience is a virtue. Supposedly. But honestly, a growling stomach breeds impatience. And I become much less virtuous. However, some things are definitely worth the wait. Buttery puff pastry. Rich chocolate souffle. Moist smoked brisket. Fava beans? Oh. Yes. Tender and a little sweet. Unfortunately, they can only be found a couple months out of […]

marinated butternut squash

Marinated butternut squash recipe | Nomad with Cookies

Last year was my first expat thanksgiving. There was a bit of sadness as November approach, as I thought about missing out on all the turkey, potatoes, pies, stuffing and tradition. My friends in Amsterdam were mostly European or Asian, so they didn’t celebrate or even know what it was in some cases. My explanation […]