fire-roasted eggplant & tomato soup

Fire roasted eggplant & tomato soup

Airplane food blows. This is no revelation. I’m almost thankful that food has, for the most part, been eliminated from planes due to budget cuts. It sucked anyways. So thank you airlines for no longer leading me to believe that I’m going to be ‘fed’ during my travels. Recently, I was pleasantly surprised. On a […]

tomato soup

Tomato soup recipe | Nomad with Cookies

This week I cheated on an old flame: my immersion blender. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but it felt so good. I had already abandoned my blender, shoved it into a bag, and left it to dust in a dark storage area in Amsterdam with no promise of return. And now I […]

green nyumen

green nyumen recipe | nomad with cookies

Sometimes, I wish I was Asian. That’s right, I said it! I can already here the Patriot Police marching through my yard about to storm my house. My only defense is food. Asian food amazes me, like a child mesmerized by a shiny object. The flavors, the diversity, the ingredients, all of it. But it’s […]