biscuits and roasted chicken gravy

Texas biscuits and roasted chicken gravy

One of my favorite television shows is Justified, which sadly, ended this past year after 6 delectable seasons.

For those not familiar, the story is centered around US Marshall Raylan Givens (played by the handsome Timothy Olyphant) with an affinity for ice cream whom returns to his place of birth in Kentucky where he fights hillbilly crime in his own eccentric manner. Hilarity ensues.

There are many reasons to like, if not love, the show. I’ll share just a small handful of the reasons I adore it so.

First, let’s get this out up front. Timothy Olyphant is perfection, with…

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double strength beef stock (of the gods)

Today is the day I convince you to forsake store-bought beef stock forever.

I’ll admit, there was a day when even the thought of making my own stock exhausted me into an afternoon nap. I grumbled about the cost of the ingredients, the time it would take out of my day when I could be at the movies or eating cookies and how it probably wouldn’t taste that much better than the cheap paper cartons of broth lining the shelves of my supermarket.

I was ignorant and no better than a 7-year-old refusing to try an avocado because it looks…

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green nyumen

green nyumen recipe | nomad with cookies

Sometimes, I wish I was Asian.

That’s right, I said it! I can already here the Patriot Police marching through my yard about to storm my house.

My only defense is food. Asian food amazes me, like a child mesmerized by a shiny object. The flavors, the diversity, the ingredients, all of it. But it’s unfair for me to lump all of the distinct cuisines into one bunch labeled “Asian”. Thai, Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indian. They are all vastly different, but all so stimulating bolstered by thousands of years of practice and tradition, passed down through the generations.

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