ugly american

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday just behind Thanksgiving, and to me the only legitimate summer holiday. And naturally, the true “meaning” of the modern holiday always strays and evolves to fulfill a new purpose of selling greeting cards. And yeah, the 4th is to celebrate our “independence” from British rule, however, I […]


“Brood” in Dutch means bread, hence the natural progression to “broodje”, which means “sandwich”. There is truly a smorgasbord of different kinds of broodje and places that specialize in them. It doesn’t sound too much different than in the US, I’ll admit. But I’m curious if broodje, is not just a sandwich, but any bread […]

oh and one more thing…

Last night after visiting a friend I realized that it was 11pm (as the sun was going down), which meant I had minimal time to get back to my hotel before the public transit stopped running. I grabbed Tram 17 back to Centraal Station (Amsterdam’s Penn Station equivalent) and transferred to the 22 to go […]

bike day

Today, I joined the Amsterdam biking masses. I found a nice guy named Pieter on Markplaats (the Dutch equivalent of Craigslist). We made a deal for 75E. And off I went a little wobbly at first down Jacob van Lennepkade (pronounced Ya-cub von Lennab-cod-ay). I dodged people, children, cars and trucks and have lived to […]