“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.”

I’m far from perfect, but Sir Winston Churchill must think I’m damn close. Life seems to throw curve balls rather frequently, necessitating all kinds of changes both minute and drastic.

This past month, I’ve been laying low focused on some [BIG] changes including another international move, a new web site, and a new personal project I am VERY thrilled about.

I am now writing to you from the other side of the world…again. Last year, my brand spankin’ new husband and I spent our honeymoon in an incredible placeCroatia. Our short time there was enough to create a powerful magnetism. When the opportunity came to escape our last stopover, this amazing place was at the top of our list.

This past weekend settled into apartment a stone’s throw from the Adriatic Sea in the port town of Split. And yet, I keep getting the same question, “Why Croatia?”

Well, this is why. I love Croatia because…

…they serve amazing beef carpaccio, like, everywhere,

…and the old men congregate like this,

…and their Dalmatian ham could make me give up prosciutto for life,

…and the water looks like this,

…and their gnocchi is handmade, light, and ginormous,

…and the calamari is served grilled like this,

…and the fish is served grilled like this,

…and they have places that look like this,

…and they don’t care what other people think,

…and their pastries taste incredible,

…because their meat and potato dishes come with a gravy i could swim in,

…and because Croatians know how to enjoy themselves (and are super nice people in general),

…and they make excellent wood-fired pizza,

…and they like to spit roast pigs A LOT,

…and the city looks like this,

…and they make wine, really really good wine,

…and finally, because this is the view from our new apartment.

1 thought on “changes are a comin’

  1. I'm not an expat yet – but I think that's "my" trajekt to Šolta, where I have land and a foundation waiting for my return to build. A Connecticut Yankee in Gornja Krušica, eventually….
    Any place in the US with a view like that would be developed up to the eyeballs, and even there you're very lucky to have nothing between you and that blue Adriatic. I should be back in Split/Šolta by May-June. If you've never enjoyed the delightful "secret" bathing spots of the island, I love to show them off!

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