I am a total whore for cheese.

All kinds. As much as I can get. Yellow, white, moldy, creamy, hard, smoked, grassy, old, young. There is no discrimination.

But there is one cheese that consistently makes my eye wander. A cheese so addictive that once my supply was cut off, intense therapy was needed. I thought maybe a crystallized aged Gouda would suffice as replacement…to no avail. You can’t duplicate true love.

So I searched far and wide for 4 years, and today I found it. It called out my name in a sultry voice from the cheese case at Whole Foods as if to say “I’ve been waiting for you. Let’s do this.”

I grabbed hold of the delicate cheese, snagged a baguette and rushed home.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the lovely Fleur Verte.

Fleur Verte, which means “green flower”, is a young chèvre hailing from Provence. It’s light with a hint of lemon and creamy like a nice cheesecake. The scalloped edge of this rindless cheese is coated in fresh thyme, tarragon and crushed pink peppercorns which provides the perfect jolt in contrast to the delicate goat cheese. FV is only aged 4 days before it is wrapped and shipped across the world.

And it’s soooooo good…..here’s what I do with it.

First, I brush slices of baguette with olive oil then toast them until golden.

Then, I trim the tip off a large garlic clove and rub the toasted bread. The garlic melts with the heat of the baguette.

And finally, each slice gets a good schmear of the cheese.

Until next time…I need to be alone with my cheese.

3 thoughts on “my favorite cheese

  1. My, you made my mouth water without even trying so hard! Funny how it took you four years to search for that! How did you "part ways?" That must have been the yummiest reunion ever!

  2. Alex – Happy to be of service! I first found this cheese in New York. When I moved out of NY, I couldn't find it again until recently in Florida. It was a long and arduous search. 🙂

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