food nirvana on a wine tour

There have been several times in my life when I was in desperate need of 3 stomachs. My first expat Thanksgiving. The truffle extravagana during my first trip to Istria. The night I perfected my apple pie recipe. The great sushi gorge of 2010. Just kidding, you can't ever get full on sushi. And last but not […]

fresh strawberry tapioca pudding

Tapioca pudding is an attractive dessert. Just look at it. Voluptuous little pearls of tapioca. Creamy pudding. Specks of vanilla bean. Juicy macerated strawberries ooze south filling every open crevice.  It is downright lascivious. Slap me with a felony, if you must, but I just cannot stop oggling…or eating…or spoon licking.  This is a dessert made for the […]

the importance of being messy

Late last night (or early this morning), I got to thinking obsessing about explosions after a routine immersion blending went awry. A geyser of gingery-spicy-garlicky wet masala intended for a molten beef vindaloo launched into the air before gravity shot it down the front of my skirt just beyond apron's reach…and all over the wall…and across my once […]