gay night

I am sopping wet. Soaked through. Drenched in fact. My eyes feel swollen as a thousand needles of rain pricked them on the way home. And it’s cold. But I couldn’t be happier. This is Amsterdam. Tonight, my roommate Maaike and I went to Gay Night at the Pathe, a movie theatre near Rembrantplein and […]

week in review

General, disorganized thoughts and learnings from my first week in Holland for your reading pleasure…plus pictures! Always follow proper bike etiquette, unless you are actually Dutch. The supermarkets are closed on Sundays, so plan ahead or starve to death. It only took me 4 days to develop the same distaste for tourists outside the Van […]

ugly american

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday just behind Thanksgiving, and to me the only legitimate summer holiday. And naturally, the true “meaning” of the modern holiday always strays and evolves to fulfill a new purpose of selling greeting cards. And yeah, the 4th is to celebrate our “independence” from British rule, however, I […]