france without the french food

During my recent trip to Paris, I had a goal. This goal didn’t include seeing the Eiffel Tower, walking the Champs-Élysées or loitering in the Louvre. Gilded obelisks were not seen by me. The closest I got to the Arc de Triomphe was riding the métro that runs under it. Sightseeing was not high on my list of […]

austin or bust

Atrium of the Texas State Capitol

Over the past couple years, my friends have lobbied like a tobacco PAC to get me to move to Austin, the capitol of Texas. They casually slip into conversation nuggets like “Austin is your kind of town” or “I could really see you there”. Then, knowing my weaknesses, they would try to lure me with […]

gay night

I am sopping wet. Soaked through. Drenched in fact. My eyes feel swollen as a thousand needles of rain pricked them on the way home. And it’s cold. But I couldn’t be happier. This is Amsterdam. Tonight, my roommate Maaike and I went to Gay Night at the Pathe, a movie theatre near Rembrantplein and […]