Bonjour everyone!

I have just returned from a fruitful, food-filled trip to beautiful Paris. Lucky for me, my trip fell in the small crevice between hot-as-hell summer and need-a-coat autumn, or what the folks in San Diego call every-single-day.

As the universe loves to throw dichotomies my way for its own entertainment, my return to Croatia was greeted with cold, unrelenting, continuous thunderstorms and a black and white landscape.

I love a good storm as much as the next Texan, but I was hoping for a bit more color upon my return. Green grass. Turquoise sea. Yellow Sunflowers.

There was so much color in Paris and not just in the abundant food markets. Color was painted across the buildings.

Gazing at a beautiful mural cloaking local architecture is always vital to my itinerary, and can be just as important as eyeballing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre (which by the way, is a total disappointment, but that is a story for another time).

Since it’s dismal and gray outside, I thought I’d start my diary on Paris with a big batch of color.

Here are the murals of Paris.









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